A Herbivorous Lifestyle Blog

Hey there - my name is Dana. It's so nice to meet you and welcome to Veg-A-Saurus!

I’m a lover of all animals - big, small, fury, scaly, feathery, and everything in between. I crave summer breezes, big glasses of ice cold Sauvignon Blanc, well-loved paperback books, and curling up under a heated blanket with my “girls” – aka my rescue cats and dog.

I'm a New Yorker, by way of rural Connecticut, always craving a taste of the farm life. I share a home with my husband and our beloved “girls,” in a moderately "hip" corner of Brooklyn.

I’m a former dancer, artist, and forever a farm animal welfare advocate. Embracing veganism has been a life-changing and holistic experience, that has enveloped my desire to end the exploitation of farm animals, while leading a healthy lifestyle.

Veg-A-Saurus is a safe space for contemplation, advice, and even rants on why humans eat animals and the need to embrace a vegan lifestyle – for us, our planet, and the sentient animals in which we share it with. Veg-A-Saurus is also a home to delicious plant-based recipes, cruelty free beauty advice, and ethically conscious fashion. A hodge-podge of delights to embrace a vegan lifestyle!

My hope is to make Veg-A-Saurus a herbivores oasis. Join me!


Photo by @genery, GeneRosatiJr.com