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Hey there fellow Veg-A-Saurs!


I finally did it - cue the confetti! The “unicorn” blog that I’ve been dreaming up for what seems like years, is finally a real-life, tangible thing! 

So welcome my fellow herbivores and non-herbivores alike, to this oh-so-special herbivorous oasis! I hope this safe, veggie inspired space, brings you the same joy that it has brought me in creating it. My mission with this blog, is to juxtapose the serious and thought provoking ethical and moral quandaries of veganism, with all the fun beauty, foodie goodness that culminates a plant-based lifestyle. 

I love to travel, cook, and indulge in beauty and fashion, and since becoming vegan after a near lifetime of vegetarianism, this has not changed. Veganism has brought a holistic focus to my life that has expanded my palate, helped me to discover new cruelty free fashion and beauty brands, and immerse myself in traveling, along with my commitment to plant-based living. I'm excited to share with you some of my fave eco and cruelty free brands and dive into some awesome recipes along the way.

The vegan community has been so welcoming and inspiring, that I hope (and seriously can't wait!) to give a little bit back, while encouraging and empowering others to do the same! Also, I would be remiss, without thanking my perfect little family for keeping me focused on all of my dreams (big and small), including this blog. My husband Gene and sweet rescue dog Lexie - pictured above. Our two cats are not pictured, because as usual, they did not want to sit still for their beauty shot :)

Anyways, welcome, enjoy, and stay tuned! In the mean time, head on over to my About page to learn a little bit more about me. 

Again, it's so wonderful to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more musings on a joyous and fulfilling vegan lifestyle.

Check out my BFF. Don't worry, you will get to learn all about this pro-snuggler, dingo gal soon!

Check out my BFF. Don't worry, you will get to learn all about this pro-snuggler, dingo gal soon!

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